New Discounts for larger Literature orders

The Australian Intergroup meeting on 13 January 2024 voted to approve new discounts being offered when member or groups place larger literature orders. The discounts are now live and apply automatically.

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Discounts do not apply to any donations made(!), but donations can be used to increase the size of your order to reach one of the discount levels. So if you have $115 worth of items in your cart, adding a $10 donation will make you eligible for a 10% discount (in this case $11.50). So if you have been putting off literature purchases now is the perfect time to stock up on literature for your meeting or personal needs.

During 2023, more than 150 Newcomer Packs were sent to members for free (at a cost of over $2000). Thank you for the generous support of donors. If you are new to SLAA, visit the literature store to order a free newcomer pack.