New Meeting at Fern Tree Gully

A new men’s meeting in the Melbourne suburb of FernTree Gully starts Saturday June 22, 2024 at 1pm. More Information

New Meeting at Terrigal

A new SLAA meeting at Terrigal begins on Tuesday April 30. more information

SLAA is a Not-for-Profit organisation

Sometimes a SLAA group may be asked to prove it’s not-for-profit (NFP) status. This may be in order to pay reduced rent, to open a bank account or for some other purpose. Visit the SLAA is a Not-for-Profit organisation webpage

New Sunshine Coast Meeting

The new Sunshine Coast HOW Beginners meeting starts February 18, 2024. More information

Organising Events – Intergroup can help

The impetus for an event will generally come from members or groups who start the process of forming an event organising committee. Occasionally Intergroup may organise a zoom event where a particular need is identified. Intergroup has a range of resources to support groups/members organising SLAA events. Contact for more information about how Intergroup …

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