Sydney Intergroup to vote August 13 on becoming Australian Intergroup

At the Sydney Intergroup Meeting, at noon on Saturday August 13, a vote will be taken on amendments to the Intergroup Constitution. The proposed amendments would transition Sydney Intergroup into the Australian Intergroup, giving representation to all Australian in-person and virtual groups.

All face-to-face groups in Sydney and surrounding areas (Newcastle and Wollongong) are eligible to send a representative to vote at this meeting which will be held on Zoom. Any member may attend as an observer.

Victorian Intergroup had proposed the idea of merging with Sydney Intergroup to create the Australian Intergroup. Victorian Intergroup will cease after creation of the national Intergroup.

The attached document shows the proposed amendments in “Mark Up”

Zoom details

  • Saturday August 13, 2022
  • Noon AEST
  • Meeting ID: 910 2439 8972
  • Passcode: 061872


Secretary Sydney Intergroup [email protected]

Draft Australian Intergroup Constitution available for feedback

In 2021 the Sydney and Victorian Intergroups agreed, in principle, to merge, to create the SLAA Australian Intergroup. This would give Intergroup representation, for the first time, to all in-person and virtual meetings nationally.

Amendments to the Sydney Intergroup Constitution have been proposed that would create the Australian Intergroup Constitution. The proposed amendments are effectively the Draft Australian Intergroup Constitution.

Suggested amendments are presented in “track changes“. This shows exactly what words in the current Sydney Intergroup Consitution are proposed to be inserted and deleted. The suggested changes are deliberately minimal. Explanatory comments in the document give further information about the proposed amendments.

Feedback is sought, from SLAA groups and members nationally. Please submit feedback or questions to [email protected] before the next Sydney Intergroup meeting on April 30, 2022.  

SLAA Australian Web Committee seeks new members

The Web Committee, accountable to Sydney and Victorian Intergroups,  manages the Australian SLAA website  on behalf of the national fellowship

2021 has seen a website redesign, with a new meeting calendar, 6 new content pages and significant reorganisation of the site.

The Web Committee seeks extra members to help plan the further evolution of the site. Most discussions and decisions are made by WhatsApp Group. Occasionally a formal committee meeting is held by Zoom.

Any Australian SLAA member may nominate to be part of this committee. Please notify groups and members in your area of this service opportunity.

For more information or to nominate, please email [email protected]

SLAA Australian Intergroup Planning Meeting – Sunday, February 13, 2022 Noon AEST

The Sydney and Victorian Intergroups have agreed, in principle, to merge to form the SLAA Australian Intergroup. This will enable all groups nationally to participate in Intergroup. Three planning meetings have been held in 2021 to identify issues that needed to be addressed to form the SLAA Australian Intergroup. Sydney and Victorian Intergroups have reviewed these issues. All Australian members are invited to a further planning meeting on Sunday February 13, 2022 at Noon AEST.

Meeting Agenda

ZOOM Details

Questions or comments? Please email [email protected]