New Meeting at Terrigal

A new SLAA meeting at Terrigal begins on Tuesday April 30. more information

SLAA is a Not-for-Profit organisation

Sometimes a SLAA group may be asked to prove it’s not-for-profit (NFP) status. This may be in order to pay reduced rent, to open a bank account or for some other purpose. Visit the SLAA is a Not-for-Profit organisation webpage

New Sunshine Coast Meeting

The new Sunshine Coast HOW Beginners meeting starts February 18, 2024. More information

Organising Events – Intergroup can help

The impetus for an event will generally come from members or groups who start the process of forming an event organising committee. Occasionally Intergroup may organise a zoom event where a particular need is identified. Intergroup has a range of resources to support groups/members organising SLAA events. Contact for more information about how Intergroup …

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Intergroup Safety Statement

The October 2023 meeting of the SLAA Australian Intergroup approved an Intergroup Safety Statement. This statement is offered to groups to adopt, adapt or ignore, according to their Group Conscience.