Organising Events – Intergroup can help

The impetus for an event will generally come from members or groups who start the process of forming an event organising committee. Occasionally Intergroup may organise a zoom event where a particular need is identified.

Types of events

  • Zoom events – one-off or a series
  • In person
    • Half day
    • One day
    • Weekend: Residential or non-residential

How Intergroup can help

Intergroup has a range of resources to support groups/members organising SLAA events.

Contact for more information about how Intergroup can assist with events.

Sourcing members for an event organising committee

Intergroup can help source members for your event organising committee.

  • Broadcast email using Intergroup’s meeting database which has both public and private email contacts for meetings. This can be customised by locality or meeting type (eg women, men, rainbow, anorexia, HOW)
  • website news items
  • newsletter which has over 250 subscribers
Promoting the event
  • event webpages with simple URLS (eg: |
  • creation of promotional graphics
  • website news item
  • newsletter
Zoom Pro Accounts for events

Intergroup has two Zoom Pro accounts which can be used for meetings or events for up to 100 participants.


Repayable seed funding, for in-person events, to cover upfront costs for venue, catering etc. Intergroup recognises that sometimes an event may run at a financial loss.

On-line Registration and Feedback
  • on-line registration and payments using Intergroup Store.
  • Feedback forms using Google Forms
Public Liability Insurance

Intergroup’s Public Liability Insurance policy covers Zoom and in-person events as well as meetings

How the Unity Day Committee organises their events

Groups in Northern Rivers (NSW) ran their first annual in-person Unity Day in 2017. The organising committee later expanded to include groups in South East Queensland. The committee used a WhatsApp Group to stay connected. Committee meetings were held on WhatsApp.

Intergroup assisted, since 2022, in the following ways

  • When the committee needed new members, the Intergroup organised an email to all group contacts in Northern Rivers and South East Queensland. A news item was also placed in the Intergroup Newsletter. The result was 2 new committee members.
  • A webpage was created with the simple URL of
  • A promotional graphic was produced, using the URL, so members had a place to go for up-to-date information on the event.
  • Online Registration and Feedback using Google Forms

More Information

Contact for more information about how Intergroup can assist with events.