Supporting you during coronavirus

Meeting with each other is a key part of recovery, and, in our tradition, every group is autonomous as it makes decisions about how to support each other best. However, as COVID-19 spreads, the Sydney Intergroup, which runs this site, strongly suggests that all members and meetings take note of the Australian Government health updates here. Please consider one of the existing meetings phone or Skype meetings. If you are a secretary of a regular meeting please consider offering your own Skype or Zoom service (intergroup won't be providing this) using this format. If you are meeting in person, we encourage you to:

  • Stay at home if you don't feel well

  • Avoid shaking or holding hands

  • Provide hand sanitisers and tissues

  • Don't pass the collection basket, leave it in the middle

  • Don't pass the sign-in book, let the Secretary ask your name and enter it

  • Space chairs so that each person sits one metre apart

  • Use the following statement at the start of each meeting:

    • “To help protect members from the spread of the coronavirus we encourage members to wash their hands with soap and water in the bathrooms before the meeting or take advantage of the hand sanitiser provided. Please sit at least one metre apart from each other, and if you sneeze, please do so either into your inside-elbow or into a tissue.

    • “During the 3rd step prayer at the end of the meeting, please DO NOT hold hands. When greeting one another, please avoid shaking hands or hugging. You may wish to use elbow bumps or namaste instead.

    • "Members who are unwell should stay at home. There are links to online and telephone meetings on the SLAA Australia website.”

You are not alone

If you have a desire to be free from sex and love addiction, please join us at Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. All meetings welcome newcomers – you can just show up. Newcomers can read more about sex and love addiction here. SLAA is open to anyone who believes they have a problem with sex addiction, love addiction, romantic obsession, porn addiction, co-dependent relationships, fantasy addiction as well as sexual and emotional anorexia. If you have a desire to be free from sex and love addiction, please join us at one of the meetings listed on this site. 

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous Resources

Here is a list of resources for SLAA. If there are resources that are missing or links that are broken please feel free to us the contact form and let us know. 

News & Events


SLAA Sydney Convention 2020:
Carrying the Message
— will be on  24-25 October 2020 at Glebe Town Hall. More details to come. 

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