Can I get confirmation of my attendance at meetings?

Some SLAA members are asked to provide confirmation of attendance at meetings for their lawyer, counsellor, probation officer etc.  

If you require confirmation of meeting attendance it is best to approach the meeting Secretary or Zoom Host when you first start attending meetings. 

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It is common practice to provide proof of meeting attendance in 12 Step meetings in the US, where attendance at meetings can be court mandated. This is much less the case in Australia. 

Some SLAA Meetings record the first name of attendees or speakers. As each meeting is autonomous (Tradition 4) it will be up to each meeting to decide how they handle a request to provide proof of meeting attendance. If meetings don’t keep records of attendees another member or sponsor may be willing to attest to your attendance. 

There are a variety of ways proof of attendance can be supplied.  Some are:

  • A form provided by the member’s lawyer/counsellor/probation officer etc
  • A statement listing dates of attendance 
  • A statement saying the member “has been a regular attendee since…”

 Tradition 11 stresses the importance of anonymity in the public media. Intergroup believes that providing proof of meeting attendance is not contrary to the Traditions