SLAA HOW Meeting Starter Kit  

How to set up a new SLAA HOW meeting in Australia  

  • Decide what rent you can afford – paying too much rent is one of the major challenges new meetings face. Organisations such as councils and churches may give discounts on their normal rent for 12 step meetings, but you’ll have to ask.  
  • Choose a venue – public or private. Try looking at where other 12 step fellowships hold their meetings to get ideas.  
  • Choose a date and time. Keep in mind the 4th tradition and try not to have a negative impact on existing meetings.  
  • Inform SLAA Australia of your new meeting details
  • When your meeting has been set up and an Intergroup Rep service position appointed, there is helpful information about Intergroup here:  
  • To help find new members for your meeting, you may wish to contact local rehabs, therapists, etc. Contact Intergroup for resources to do this.  

  • We are not a registered charity.  
  • We do have Australia-wide public liability insurance, which your landlord may require a copy of. A copy of the insurance certificate can be found on the SLAA Australia website  

Meeting Format

The following links may be useful for setting up the meeting format  

7 Core Documents of SLAA

Below are links to PDFs of the frequently used in SLAA Meeting, (please click on links to download)  

Service Positions at Group level 

Service positions are usually for a certain maximum length of time and the individual who serves in the position usually, but not always, has a required amount of sobriety. This is decided by group conscience. Some groups choose the position length of time in terms of months, which goes from business meeting to business meeting. All decisions related to Group Service Positions are decided by the group. HOW meetings may wish to consider if office holders should be working the HOW program and have been stepped up. The following are draft position descriptions that your group can use as a starting point for developing your own.  


Runs the business meetings which are usually held once a month unless group conscience has decided that there is need for additional meetings in between the regularly scheduled meeting. In some meetings the Secretary also starts the meeting before handing it over to the Chairperson for that meeting. Suggested length of sobriety: minimum ________ weeks. Suggested length of term for position: 12 months.  


 Collects the money, pays the groups expenses (rent, literature, Intergroup). They are also responsible for finding someone in the group to collect the 7th Tradition and get the money to them when they are unable to attend the meeting. Note that any surplus above the prudent reserve is normally donated to intergroup in accordance with tradition 7, to help cover the cost of services provided to each group by Intergroup. Suggested length of sobriety: _______________. Suggested length of term: 6 months minimum.  

Literature Person

 Provides a constant supply of S.L.A.A. Conference-approved literature by requesting money from the group’s Treasurer, reporting the literature status to the group’s business meeting, and orders the necessary literature. They should set up the literature and be available to sell it to newcomers/members before and after the meeting. This person should be someone who attends the group regularly. Suggested length of sobriety: _________ days minimum. Suggested length of term: 3 months minimum.  

Intergroup Representative(s) and Alternate

 (Elected at the group level) – An Intergroup is a regional service centre made up of elected representatives from S.L.A.A. groups. The Representative attends Intergroup monthly meeting as representative(s) of their meeting. They bring their group’s conscience and represent the group in matters affecting S.L.A.A. at their meeting. They also inform their meeting of Intergroup’s activities.  Suggested length of sobriety: ______________________ minimum required. Suggested length of term: 2 years maximum. An Intergroup Rep usually attends all the Intergroup meetings but the Alternate would act as Intergroup Rep in that person’s absence.   


Welcomes members/newcomers arriving at the meeting and speaks with newcomers after the meeting.  

Refreshment Coordinator

 This person sets up and packs up coffee, tea and other refreshments, which are paid for by the group. NOTE: Refreshments are a group conscience decision, they are not necessary, just a nicety the group may choose to make available to their members.