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    Tuesday, to 11:30 am

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    This is a hybrid meeting: in-person and on Zoom

    Join the meeting online or call in by phone.

    To join the meeting online press the zoom link below
    Meeting ID: 899 2495 6825 Passcode: 039932

    To join the meeting by phone call 02 8015 6011


    *** A Group Conscience has been called for Tuesday 30th April in order to discuss the meeting format going forwards. ***

    Historically, pre-COVID, this meeting was always held in person at the Wayside Chapel. There was often a desire/need for some members to join via phone which was catered for on a bi-lateral basis.

    During COVID the meeting migrated to a Zoom/dial-in meeting. Post-COVID, the meeting has transitioned to a hybrid meeting, with infrequent attendance at the Wayside Chapel.

    Feedback has been received to suggest that some members are deterred from in-person attendance because of the hybrid format (and maybe because in person attendance is sporadic at best).

    Therefore, a Group Conscience has been called and members are invited to join the meeting, either in-person or via Zoom/dial-in, on Tuesday 30th April so a consensus on meeting format can be agreed upon.

    The suggested options are:
    - In person only
    - In person but with a dial-in option (similar to how it was pre-COVID) - zoom allows for a dial-in option with no video
    - In person/Zoom hybrid (the current post-COVID model)
    - Zoom only
    - Any other option?

    Whilst Zoom has been useful during COVID to keep the meeting going, the primary purpose of the meeting is to provide meetings in Sydney to those in need, hence the need to agree the meeting format going forwards.

    *** Come to the Group Conscience, on April 30 to have your say on the future of this meeting! ***

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  • The Wayside Chapel

    29 Hughes St
    Potts Point NSW 2011

    Level 4

    Greater Sydney

  • Updated 10 April 2024