When were you ready to Sponsor?

Intergroup is developing a new sponsorship webpage, which will include a section on “when were you ready to sponsor?”.

We have found some quotes on this topic from a past issue of the SLAA Journal. To ensure we are including a broad range of experiences, we are seeking short submissions from members. If you have something to share, that it’s not already covered in the following quotes, please send your experience to webmaster@slaa.org.au

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I began sponsoring when I felt a perfect peace come over me and I knew I was finally done. Before that, I was relapsing over and over. When I finally got sober, I knew I wanted to carry the message instead of the mess. Anonymous

Just recently did I start sponsoring. Having worked with a new sponsor for awhile myself, seeing people in need, I asked my sponsor if he thought I was ready. Getting the affirmative I then proceeded to start working with my first sponsee. — Stephen F

I do more co-sponsoring which is based on equality and healthy relationship building, boundaries and reasonable expectations. — Nancy G

My sponsor and I made that decision together. I started sponsoring later in my recovery, when I was ready. — Anonymous

I began sponsoring after a few years in the program, when I had some experience working the steps. — Steve L

I started sponsoring after completing Step 7. My sponsor suggested I was ready after Step 5, but an inner voice said to wait a little longer. — Walter V

I began outreaching to newcomer males and offered guidance on the SLAA program. I was asked and I knew from working the steps that God thought I was ready. — Edward

Since I am in the HOW program, I started sponsoring after the 37 questions. I did so because a member mentioned that people were more likely to continue with the program if they started sponsoring. This made sense to me, though I had no doubt I would continue. I do have a sponsor and am glad that I decided to get one right away for two reasons. One, it does keep me connected to the program and two, because I learn so much from my sponsee and am reminded of the original questions for myself. — Ann

I knew I was ready to start sponsoring when I felt this incredible peace inside. All the struggling had ceased. All the sense of being in withdrawal had ceased. I was “on the beam” so to speak, and I had something that was worth passing on. — Anonymous

I was hesitant to Sponsor but people needed help and I was sober. I’m glad I made the effort. It taught me so much and strengthened my own recovery greatly — Dan