About Online and Phone Meetings 

While COVID-19 affect us, almost all meetings are via Zoom and Skype. Hit the button above to find one that suits you. The ongoing Zoom, Skype and Phone meetings are outlined below. 

Daily Sydney Daily Zoom Meeting
Every morning* 9:30am and every evening 8:00pm (AEST) 

Note Saturday mornings starts at 10:00am (AEST) (the online alternative to the Saturday Kings Cross 10 am meeting)

Join Zoom Meeting: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/8476830748
Meeting ID: 847 683 0748

Password: 688898
Meeting contact: slaasydney@yahoo.com
Please turn your camera on when you join the meeting and mute your microphone. If your internet does not support the video that's okay, but please identify yourself when you join the meeting. Please be aware that all online meetings have their own challenges when it comes to protecting anonymity, including Zoom. We encourage you to look at the ways you can manage that, such as this advice from another overseas fellowship.  

Weekly Australian Skype Meeting: Fridays 6.30am till 7.30am 

SLAA H.O.W. Concept: This meeting is focused on the steps and stories as contained in the SLAA basic text.

To join the meeting:

  1. Add SLAA SYDAU as a contact on Skype

  2. Once that is added to contacts, send a message to SLAA SYDAU asking to join the meeting before 6:30am and you will be added to the call (please do not call the host).

  3. When you get added to the Skype meeting please make sure all your phones are switched off or on silent and please mute your microphone on Skype. You do this on Skype by opening up the drop-down menu called call and selecting the mute option.

  4. When you are asked by the chairperson if you would like to share please then un-mute your microphone using the call drop-down menu and start speaking. When you have finished please re-mute your microphone. Please pass the message on to others who may benefit.

Any questions please email slaa.syd.au@gmail.com. Service positions are as follows: Secretary, Chairperson, Technical host, E-literature person & Timekeeper. 

Weekly Women's Phone Meeting: Tuesdays 6.30pm till 7.30pm 

SLAA H.O.W. Concept meeting for women only.
Please note there is a new phone number & instructions from June 2019. 

To join the meeting:

  1. Phone 02 4022 9113 from a landline phone or +61 2 4022 9113 from your mobile phone. 

  2. Enter the pin 496585 then hash (#) to enter the meeting. 

  3. If you have entered the meeting on time please say your name and introduce yourself to the chairperson of the meeting. 

  4. If running late, when you enter the call you will no longer be announced to the group. This is done to minimise disruptions when a member is sharing.

  5. Please mute or unmute your phone using *6. When you want to talk please unmute it using *6.

  6. When you are asked by the chairperson if you would like to share please then un-mute your microphone (*6) and start speaking. When you have finished your share please re-mute your microphone (*6).

United Kingdom Skype Meetings 

You can join a Skype meeting that is based in the UK if you require more meetings. The current list of Skype meetings can be found at this link 

Worldwide Skype & Phone Meetings 

Worldwide Online Meeting List can be found here

Worldwide Phone Meeting List can be found here  

N.B Please contact us using this form if one or more of the links are broken or not working. 

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