Sydney Intergroup


Sydney Intergroup meets on the second Saturday of each month at 12 noon at the Reginald Murphy Community Centre, 19 Greenknowe St. Elizabeth Bay. Group Representatives and group members are welcome to attend.


Sydney Intergroup is currently looking for people to fill the following role - come along to the next Intergroup meeting. 

(a role requires a minimum of three months self-defined bottom line sobriety)

  • Intergroup Secretary - SYD and Intergroup Treasurer - SYD.


Intergroup’s activities are governed by our constitution; download a copy here.  

A summary of Intergroup's activities and the roles of Intergroup Members; download a copy here.


Services currently provided by Sydney Intergroup include: 


  • Providing Public Liability insurance for meetings Australia-wide;

  • maintaining SLAA’s Australian web site (, which includes meeting lists, news and other resources for members, and provides an introduction to SLAA for Australians who fear they may suffer from sex and love addiction and for professionals;

  • Subsidising the cost of literature imported from America

  • Sydney phoneline;

  • acting as a liaison with the public and responds to media inquiries; and

  • appointing and funding the organising committees for conventions and retreats.

  • Group consciences are encouraged to discuss donating any surplus funds (over and above their prudent reserve) to Sydney Intergroup to help support these services.

All Sydney SLAA groups are encouraged to elect a Group Representative and have them attend as a conduit between their own meeting and Intergroup.

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