SLAA is a Not-for-Profit organisation

Sometimes a SLAA group may be asked to prove it’s not-for-profit (NFP) status. This may be in order to pay reduced rent, to open a bank account or for some other purpose.

What defines a not-for-profit organisation

Generally, a not-for-profit is an organisation that does not operate for the profit, personal gain or other benefit of particular people (for example, its members, the people who run it or their friends or relatives)…

An organisation can still be a not-for-profit if it provides a benefit to a member while genuinely carrying out its purpose.

Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission

Each SLAA group is autonomous. Although the Australian Intergroup has specific clauses in its constitution that meet the above requirements for not-for-profit in Australia, Intergroup does not govern SLAA Groups (Tradition 4), and cannot state or enforce a policy for all SLAA groups, only for Intergroup.

Proving the not-for-profit status of your SLAA group

The SLAA Australian Intergroup is not

However the following suggestions may be accepted as proof that SLAA is a not-for-profit organisation. It may be helpful to also include the above definition from the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission.

The Traditions

There are 2 traditions that may be acceptable as proof of not-for-profit status:

5. Each group has but one primary purpose — to carry its message to the sex and love addict who still suffers.

6. A SLAA group or SLAA as a whole ought never endorse, finance, or lend the SLAA name to any related facility or outside enterprise, lest problems of money, property, or prestige divert us from our primary purpose.

The 12 Traditions of SLAA

Adopting a Group Policy

If the Traditions are not considered strong enough proof, then the group may consider adopting the following policy, adapted from the Constitution of the Australian Intergroup. This policy, along with Traditions 5 and 6, provides a more explicit statement of not-for-profit status for your group.

  • No part of the assets of the group shall ever be distributed to its members, trustees, officers, or other private persons. Upon dissolution of the group, after paying or adequately providing for any debts or obligations, the remaining assets shall be donated to another SLAA group, SLAA Australian Intergroup or SLAA Fellowship World Services, which operates as a not-for-profit. 

FWS Meeting Registration and FWS Charity Status

SLAA Fellowship World Services (FWS) is a registered as a 5013c charity with the United States Internal Revenue Service. Registering your meeting with FWS may be considered sufficient proof of Not-for Profit status. 

Provide these documents :