New Big Book Study Zoom Meetings

Two new meetings are focussing on studying the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book

Here’s what the SLAA Basic Text (p 121) says about the value of the AA literature:

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“…we recommend that you also read the books Alcoholics Anonymous (especially chapters 5-7) and Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. We have found these books, in spite of their occasionally somewhat dated ideas and language, to be surprisingly appropriate and useful to us in applying the Twelve Steps to sex and love addiction.

We substitute such words as “our addiction” or “sex and love addiction” for the direct references to alcoholism in those books. Their timeliness after half a century, and their applicability to a different specific addiction such as ours, are tributes to their psychological and spiritual insight and to the high quality of their writing.

One thing is clear. The Twelve Steps, as originally set forth in Alcoholics Anonymous, do provide a comprehensive and thorough approach to the problem of dealing with addiction, including sex and love addiction.”