How We Meet

The Sex and Love Addict Anonymous Basic Text  tells us that meeting to support each other is vital to our recovery. It says: 

The formality of having a regularly scheduled S.L.A.A. meeting, even if only two are present, can lead to a deepening sense of personal commitment in furthering the recognition of sex and love addiction by others who need to withdraw from it. A meeting can also serve as a focal point for sharing experience, strength and hope concerning recovery from sex and love addiction...*


Across Australia, there are three ways of meeting. All of which can all be found on the Find a meeting page . They are:

  • Face-to-face: traditional meetings  in person

  • Phone/Online: meeting via phone, Zoom or Skype, people join from around the world

  • Hybrid meetings: meeting in person, with some joining in online

*Excerpt from: The Augustine Fellowship Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous  Basic Text

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