The SLAA HOW Beginners Guide can be downloaded here.  H.O.W. is an approach to working the Steps that some of us have found useful.  It is not endorsed or recommended by SLAA as a whole.


The SLAA Basic Text is now available as an eBook from Amazon and the iBookstore.  You can find the links here on SLAA's international site.


The Catalogue of Diverse Meeting Formats contains examples of meeting scripts/formats used by SLAA groups.  Examples include meetings devoted to sexual or emotional anorexia, the eleventh step, gay and lesbian members, healthy relationships, battered women, young people, and bisexual members. If you are starting a new meeting or thinking about changing the script for an existing meeting, you may find inspiration here.

A printable version of the most current meetings can be downloaded via the "Meetings" section of

Free, downloadable pamphlets:

Addicted to Sex?  Addicted to Love?  Information about SLAA for You or Someone You Know

For the Professional: Information about SLAA

You can download a free issue of the Journal, the official magazine of the 12-Step program of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (S.L.A.A.) from our international site.  What's the Journal?  It's our 'meeting in print'.  Each issue offers 'lead shares' written by recovering sex and love addicts - exactly the same kinds of sharing you might hear at any S.L.A.A. meeting.

The Eight Core Documents of S.L.A.A. will be found on our international site under the heading "Group and Member Resources".  These include SLAA's Recommended Guidelines for Dealing with the Media.  Full pamphlets can be purchased at meetings or from our international site's online store.

Guidelines for Emailing in relation to SLAA and to SLAA members: SLAA_email_guidelines.pdf

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